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3 Benefits Of Working With a Sales Manager

Would it be optimal if I the customer utilize new technology provided for digital freight matching/booking or should I work with one of Trident’s sales managers? The answer is, simply, both.

Many shippers are using full-service logistics providers to access the best of both avenues:

1. The speed and visibility of the latest in technology

2. Value of experienced freight brokers, in our case, sales managers

The 3 main benefits that a shipper can expect by pairing technology with our qualified sales managers are:

1. Adaptability

Adaptability keeps your shipments moving even when the unexpected happens.

There are a tremendous number of factors that can impact a shipment after it has been accepted by a driver or carrier. One such example is this: you’ve ordered a dry van to ship with enough space to pick up eight pallets for your customer, but your customer changes their order, and now needs ten pallets on this shipment. Rather than “coming back tomorrow” and failing your customer, an agile sales manager can quickly intervene with creative solutions.

While working with Trident, a customer will have one point of contact to assist them from beginning to end. That contact will know everything about that customer’s product and requirements, as well as how that customer prefers to interact. Should a last-minute change occur, that customer knows who to contact for immediate service rather than navigating through an automated system. The issue is resolved quickly, smoothly, and without added stress.

2. Professional Expertise

Professional expertise expands the knowledge base of your team.

Freight brokers understand the industry; they maintain a constant awareness of changing trends, capacity, rates, and special requirements for transporting hazardous or hard to handle materials and equipment. Your sales manager will be able to answer all questions about the transportation of your product while offering solutions, and you can also expect them to follow your directions exactly, should you already have a process in place.

3. Relationships

Relationships expand your reach and create a level of commitment.

Trident has a network of vetted and dependable carriers at our disposal. Our sales managers will constantly monitor these carriers for the status of their insurance, dependability, and license to operate. Giving a shipment to an unlicensed or uninsured motor carrier could be disastrous for a manufacturer’s wellbeing, so this service is vital.

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of working with our team is the relationship that you create with your contact. To a dedicated sales manager, a load is not just a number; it is medical equipment needed at a hospital, or heavy equipment needed to complete a job, or food for empty grocery store shelves. Trident’s sales managers take ownership and accountability for your business; there is no limit to what can be accomplished when we work together.