505 Riverfront Parkway,
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Chattanooga: (423) 805-3705
St. Petersburg: (727) 440-3580
Maple Grove: (763) 307-4700

About us
Anytime. Anywhere. No Matter What.

Trident is a logistics company that specializes in brokering and handling freight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around.

Our founders
Committed to
superb quality.
Mark Harrell

Brother-in-law and Co-Founder with Heath Haley, Mark Harrell came from a transportation and business background. As a business owner of multiple businesses and having over seven years of transportation industry experience, Mark specializes in industry knowledge and leadership. One of his many major life accomplishments is the time he spent as a professional golfer for five years before starting Trident.

Heath Haley

With over 20 years of business experience, Heath Haley has mastered his leadership and business management skills. He owns multiple businesses in Chattanooga, including Trident, and credits all his success to his children, which are his greatest accomplishments.

Social Responsibility
We prioritize consistent community outreach and city progression.

We had a goal for ourselves; a goal to stay plugged into our communities and take a hands-on approach to our community outreach efforts. Fast forward to today — we have built a company that prioritizes and values consistent community outreach and city progression.

It was a no brainer why we needed to give back to our communities, support our cities’ growth, and help with our cities’ needs. But we knew we wanted to do more than just write a check and be on our way.

Trident’s community involvement

As active members of Chamber of Commerce in all three cities we reside in, we’re able to stay informed with what’s happening within our communities, foster relationships with other business leaders in our areas, and aid the growth and progression of our cities.

Our team works to connect and build relationships with organizations within our communities to find ways to be involved and help where needed; whether that’s through volunteer opportunities at our local hospitals and animal shelters or company drives to collect donated items in need, such as winter apparel, food, and toys.

We’re here to help!
Anytime. Anywhere. No matter what.